As Chief Product Officer for Bedrocket Media Ventures I was responsible for conceiving of and developing Boxspring – a proprietary site building platform and CMS designed especially for the next generation of content destinations that are looking to combine original programming with curated content and native advertising. When I was hired, Bedrocket had only a few premium YouTube channels but had the desire to turn those YouTube channels into strong standalone brands. I decided right away that to do so, we needed our brands to truly stand out as unique, premium, and beautiful – unlike anything else in the category. And that they also needed a unique set of features that users have come to expect in any product today – social engagement, realtime notifications, and better integrated ad experiences to name just a few.

But existing platforms such as WordPress or Drupal required a lot of customization to be able to meet those goals, especially knowing we wanted truly cross-platform experiences that could be web, mobile, native, and even 10 foot. Thus, I built Boxspring.

Backed with a full API, and supporting many different content types and templates, including not just video, but articles and listicles, Boxspring is what powers both Network A and Flama, along with other sites soon to be launched.

Boxspring focuses on simplifying the workflow for content-rich, cross-platform experiences, heavy curation, and providing direct insights to publishers looking to better engage their audience.


Strategic vision, planning, and roadmap development.


User Experience, Information Design, & Visual Design