Welcome to the mistheory of joshua m. dern

My name is Joshua and I love to create things.

My focus is on the overlap between design, strategy, emerging technologies, and media.

My history includes pioneering digital media as VP Digital @Atlantic Records, SVP/GM Social Media @Viacom/MTVN, working on award winning product design @HugeInc, and leadership of a few startups.

Right now I'm obsessed with how to use data in ways that drive better decisions, and how to visualize data in ways that are clear and bring joy.

That's why I co-founded Pickaxe Foundry.

Pickaxe makes software that helps Marketers, Product Leaders, and CEOs get insights from their data faster. No code. No SQL. No complicated queries. Just what you need when you need it.

I've also overseen the design of a lot of awesome things.

HBO Connect
HBO GO Interactive Viewing Experience


Network A

Crazy Blind Date

01 05